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Emotional Healing/Stronger Family Relationships/Improved Sibling Relationships/Boundary Setting/Breaking Through Barriers/Addressing Challenges/Increased Self-Esteem/Anger Management/Stress Relief/Improved Self-Expression/Trauma Resolution/Emotional Regulation

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Group Sessions

Parent Empowerment Sessions

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Let's break the stigma! Professional counseling is a needed and effective service in assisting individuals with overcoming all types of barriers and hindrances As a fully licensed professional counselor, I can assist with identifying triggers, developing coping skills, learning effective test-taking strategies, developing conflict resolution skills, managing behaviors associated with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Trauma, and more.  I have almost two decades of experience of assisting youth, teens, families, college students, adults, and couples AND I am eager to assist you with growing forward! Christian principles can be integrated into the therapeutic process upon request.  Contact us today!  

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