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U Matter: Facing Crossroads 

Group Sessions for Ladies

“U” Matter: Developing “U” for Purpose Fulfillment™ is a four-tiered Leadership Development Model that I created; the components of this model assist individuals with achieving a greater sense of value, worth, stability, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution strategies, positive coping skills, rational thinking, effective decision making skills, self-actualization, character traits, and more! 

Often as ladies, we are the last ones who we take care of.  This is a closed group session which means that ladies will not be permitted to participate after the first session as the intent is to develop sisterhood and safety.  At the completion of the 8 weeks you will leave healed, whole, and empowered to live your best life ever with a deeper understanding of who you are, tools to overcome crossroads, greater perceptions of circumstances, healthy balance, and the ability to see through a clearer lens of the life designed just for you.  Yes "U" Matter! Feel free to share with others because they matter too!  Contact us at 252-862-8505 to inquire of the start date for the next group.  

Parent Empowerment Day

Because of the need of ongoing support and empowerment for parents I have started a Parent Empowerment Day; the focus of this day is to provide an hour of power for parents to ask questions, receive encouragement and relax from the day to day responsibilities of parenting. 


Other professionals and parents will assist with the sessions as we work together to provide strength for parents while building upon their knowledge.  Treats such as cupcakes, chip and dip, punch, tea, coffee, etc. will be provided.  Parents can call 252-862-8505 for more information or to register.   

The Voice Leadership Module Presents:

"The Effective Leader Is" Series

This is a four part leadership series which was created with the sole purpose of assisting leaders with identifying and developing leadership skills that will increase overall effectiveness and are designed for anyone in any leadership (supervisory, managerial, community, government, faith-based, family, educational, etc.) capacity.  We will be discussing in depth leadership information, offering strategies, and equipping leaders to overcome a lot of barriers.  These sessions can be taught individually as in house professional development sessions.  If these sessions could benefit you or your staff or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us today at 252-862-8505 or send us a message through the secured contact page.  

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